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The Impossible

Role Lucas
Director Juan Antonio Bayona
Distributor Summit Production Company Apache
Tom co-stars with Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor in J.A. Bayona’s film, which tells the true story of a family torn apart during the devastating Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 that ripped through the Asian sub-continent.
The Impossible
The Impossible
The Impossible
The Impossible
The Impossible

"one of the finest feature debuts in years" Kenji Llyod

"the excellent Tom Holland" Damon Wise
The Guardian

The child performers are uncanny and there is an especially terrific performance from Tom Holland as the resourceful, levelheaded Lucas terrified but tenacious in the face of an unspeakable ordeal. Allan Hunter
Screen Daily

"I could just tell how wonderful he was and what a beautiful instrument he had....Tom is a beyond gifted actor. He’s just a raw, open talent that is just so easy to work with.... he’s inspiring, he kind of lifts everyone’s game around him because he can do nothing but tell the truth." Naomi Watts
Flicks and Bits Interview

"the real acting standout in The Impossible is the performance of Tom Holland as the eldest son Lucas... for the most part it feels like The Impossible is Holland’s film"
The Entertainment Maven

Young Holland in particular is astonishingly good as the terrified but courageous Lucas Deborah Young
The Hollywood Reporter

"it was wonderful watching Tom who had never worked in front of a camera before, to see him really get it and grow as a film actor as he went along. He’s really talented and polite to everyone. It’s very easy for children to lose perspective but he’s absolutely on the right road and a brilliant actor." Ewan McGregor

“…intense performances from both Watts and Holland make it nearly impossible not to be deeply moved by, and engaged in, their plight and love for one another.”

Robert Bell

**** “brave and vulnerable”

Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail

Holland, in his live-action big screen debut, is wonderful...

Justin Chang

What a debut, too, from Tom Holland as the eldest of the three lads Tim Robey
The Telegraph

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