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The Thick Of It: Series 2 (Specials)

Producer Adam Tandy Director Armando Iannucci Starring
  • Chris Addison
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Paul Higgins
    Production Company BBC Productions Broadcaster BBC 2

    The party needs a new leader and the offices at the Department for Social Affairs are rife with intrigue and gossip. Who's side should Glenn and Olly chose?

    The Thick Of It: Series 2 (Specials)

    a savoury mix of humiliation, abuse, terror, male genitalia and the comic possibilities of the word "fuck". The script sounds the way a goose looks taking off, funny and off the cuff. Nancy Banks-Smith
    The Guardian

    The Thick of It is worth watching simply because it is very funny.
    The Guardian

    withering, heartless, outstanding television. Tim Robey
    The Telegraph