Tyger Drew-Honey

Actor and Broadcaster

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Tyger Drew-Honey is an British Comedy Award nominee Actor and Broadcaster.  

Best known for his role in the multi-award winning sitcom Outnumbered and Cuckoo. He has also appeared in all 3 series of The Armstrong and Miller Show, voiced more than 200 voice-overs for TV and radio, and is an accomplished drummer. 

His debut documentary series on BBC Three: Tyger Takes On..., smashed BBC Three record ratings and tackled views on pornography, body image and sexuality.


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  • RT @fsjessx: Last night was hilarious and it was such an honour to be at the premiere for Cuckoo 4. But @tyger trying on the Lichfield/Brum…

    Oh Rory....Rory Rory Rory :( @McIlroyRory x

    Thank you Lichfield!!!! #Cuckoo x https://t.co/gJmis9HuYC

The performances are excellent, though. Tyger Drew-Honey, no stranger to family comedy as Jake in Outnumbered, plays terminally solipsistic teenage brother Dylan.

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