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Fashion 2.0

book | Non-Fiction | 2011
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Blogging Your Way to The Front Row- The Insider's Guide to Turning Your Fashion Blog into a Profitable Business and Launching a New Career

In this first of its kind insider’s guide, Yuli Ziv, Style Coalition’s founder, reveals the secrets behind her own online success and that of her network, which represents more than 200 top fashion and beauty bloggers, in partnership with Hearst magazines.

You will find practical business advice on how to: - Brand yourself as a top blogger and sought-after influencer - Build valuable relationships with PR companies and brands - Secure invitations to important industry events - Work with advertising networks - Develop new revenue streams - Land spokesperson deals and large scale sponsorships - Position yourself at the forefront of the fashion blogosphere Full of action driven exercises, helpful resources and inspirational chapters by top fashion bloggers What I Wore, College Fashion, Gala Darling, Second City Style and Corporette, the book is packed with all the advice and motivation you need to take your blogging career to the next level!

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Fashion 2.0

Fashion bloggers, meet your Suze Orman.
DKNY Times

You want to know our secrets? Buy this book.

As the founder of a top blogging network backed by Elle, Ziv (and a handful of other bloggers) share advice on how they turned their digital hobby into a lucrative business, securing their covetable seat at fashion shows and other key industry events.
Black Book

A must-read if you are considering fashion blogging (or any blogging for that matter) and want to turn it into a profitable, full-time career. This is not Blogging 101, rather how to take an established site to the "next level.
Second City Style

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