Colin Salmon stars in Arrow

Colin Salmon as Walter Steele in Arrow

October 19, 2012

Colin Salmon stars in Arrow, a brand new series from the CW network, which premieres in the UK on Sky One at 8pm on Monday 22 October.

Described as a reinvention of the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow, Arrow charts the story of billionaire Oliver Queen who returns home after surviving five years on a remote island. Irrevocably changed by his experiences and in possession of a lethal set of skills, Arrow charts Oliver’s newfound crusade to right the wrongs committed by his father.

Colin Salmon plays Walter Steele, a former business associate of Oliver’s father (the late Robert Queen) who married Oliver’s mother, following Robert’s death at sea and the disappearance of her son.

The pilot episode screened in the US earlier this month and gained the highest viewing ratings for the network in three years. Colin can also currently be seen on BBC, competing in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing competition.

The trailer for the series can be viewed below.

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