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Colin Teevan is a celebrated playwright, translator and writer for screen. His work has been produced by many leading theatres including the National, the Young Vic, the Soho Theatre and the National Theatre of Scotland. He also writes for television. His credits include Silk, Vera and Single Handed. His three original films about Charles Haughey are scheduled for broadcast on early 2015 RTE starring Aidan Gillan and Tom Vaughan Lawlor.

Colin’s stage work includes a 2013 adaptation of Doctor Faustus which ran at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow and was lauded as ‘a thing of beauty to watch’ by The Independent. His play about Irish immigrants in London, The Kingdom, ran at the Soho Theatre in 2012 and was hailed as ‘a fiercely intense and haunting production’ by The Independent. The Bee, co-created with legendary Japanese director Hideki Noda, had two runs at the Soho Theatre, a tour in New York, an extensive tour in Japan and played again in Paris in spring 2014. His new version of Peer Gynt, for the National Theatre of Scotland, played Dundee Rep, toured Scotland and was later revived at the Barbican. In 2009, Colin adapted Franz Kafka's Report to An Academy for the Young Vic, where it appeared as the critically acclaimed play, Kafka's Monkey, starring Olivier Award winner, Kathryn Hunter. It went onto enjoy a second run at the Young Vic and a hit world tour, including the Bouffes du Nord in Paris and the Baryshnikov Arts Centre in New York. Colin’s play There Was A Man, There Was No Man was produced by the Tricycle as part of their season on the atomic bomb, following on from his collaboration with the theatre on The Lion of Kabul which formed part of their Great Game festival on Afghanistan.
Colin’s plays are published by Oberon Books.


Citizen Charlie 3 x 90'
Jan 2015
Touchpaper/Element for RTE
In post production
Creator Colin Teevan
Director Kenneth Glenaan
Starring Aiden Gillan & Tom Vaughn-Lawlor

A trilogy of 90-minute dramas charting the emergence of modern Ireland through the mesmeric Charles J Haughey-Ireland's legendary leader and Teisoch- and his personal pursuit of power, wealth and glamour.

Micks 6 x 60
May 2014
BBC in house
In development
Creator Colin Teevan
Producer Anne Picevic

Irish migrant workers rise to riches through fair means and foul in post war London.

1916 Apr 2014
Touchpaper for RTE
In development
Creator Colin Teevan
Producer Rob Pursey, Clare Alan, Jane Gogan

A returning serial that charts the birth of the Irish nation; the beginning of the end of the British empire, and the creation of Northern Ireland from perspective of a group of friends who lived it.

Heavyn Apr 2014
BBC Wales
In development
Creator Colin Teevan
Producer George Ormond

Original commission for BBC. A young woman doctor returns to the town she grew up in rural Wales to take up practice as the local GP.

Silk Mar 2014
BBC for BBC1
Producer Matt Strevens
Director Michael Keillor
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Maxine Peake, Rupert Penry-Jones, Francis Barber, Miranda Raison & Claire Skinner

Series 3 episode 3 of popular legal drama. Martha (Maxine Peake) is engaged by euthanasia campaigner and solicitor Aisha Wiseman to defend Sarah Stephens (Claire Skinner) who is accused of helping her paraplegic daughter to die. In spite of Sarah's fierce determination to protect her family and an expert witness account which condemns her, Martha realizes that she may be covering up for somebody else.

Vera 1 x 90'
ITV Studios for ITV
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Brenda Blethyn

Crime drama for ITV starring Brenda Blethyn as DI Vera Stanhope, from the novels by Ann Cleeves. In Colin's ep 'Sandancers', Vera and Joe are called in to investigate a suspicious death in an army barracks and they are helped by Shep, an enthusiastic and pro-active member of the Military Police. The death of commanding officer Dev looks like suicide at first but murder is soon established as the cause and the team must find both a motive and a killer.

Single Handed 1 x 120'
Touchpaper for RTE / ITV
Creator Barry Simner, Rob Pursey
Producer Clare Alan
Director Charlie McCarthy
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring David Herlihy, Simone Lahbib, Owen McDonnell, Sean McGuley & Matthew McNulty

Episode of the second series of the police drama set on the West Coast of Ireland starring Owen McDonnell. 

Doctor Fautus Feb 2013

Producer West Yorkshire Playhouse and Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
Director Dominic Hill
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Kevin Trainor & Siobhan Redmond

Christopher Marlowe's mythic tale of mankind's greed for power gets a modern day twist from Colin Teevan.

The Kingdom Nov 2012
Soho Theatre
Producer Soho Theatre
Director Lucy Pitman-Wallace
Writer Colin Teevan

The Kingdom vividly captures life as an Irish navvy in the last century – a time of immigration, violence, sex, triumph and, ultimately, tragedy.

Arse Aug 2010
Latitude Festival
Producer Theatre 503
Director Derek Bond
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Ayesha Antoine, Simon Darwen, Georgia King, Rob Ostlere & Edmund Wiseman

Part of Theatre 503's Playlist group of short plays inspired by favourite pieces of music, which premiered at Latitude Festival 2010 and then had a run at Theatre 503

Tricycle Theatre
Producer Tricycle Theatre
Director Nicolas Kent
Writer Colin Teevan

Part of Tricycle's season on the atomic bomb.While Israel officially has no nuclear arms programme, few doubt it is entirely without nuclear capability ; Iran claims this gives it the right to develop its own nuclear programme. Who will be the first to blink? When an Israeli and Iranian scientist meet at a conference in Jordan, their meeting has major repercussions for their professional lives, their families and their nations.

Tricycle Theatre
Director Nicholas Kent & Indu Rubasingham
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Lolita Chakrabati

Play about two Afghan aid workers who disappear whilst distributing rice

Amazonia 2008
The Young Vic
Producer Debra Hauer
Director Paul Heritage
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Diogo De Brito Sales, Daniel Cerqueira, Meline Danielewicz, Jeffrey Kisson & Daisy Lewis

Play set in the Amazon and inspired by the life and politics of the Brazilian folk hero Chico Mendes

The Diver 2008
Soho Theatre
Director Hideki Noda
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Harry Gostelow, Kathryn Hunter, Hideki Noda & Glyn Pritchard

Fourth play in a series of contemporary Noh plays about a woman who is found wandering the streets of Fuchu city with burnt hands and no clue as to her identity

The Bee 2007
Soho Theatre
Director Hideki Noda
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Tony Bell, Kathryn Hunter, Hideki Noda & Glyn Pritchard

Play based on a story by Yasutaka Tsutsui about a man who comes home to find his wife and child being held hostage by an escaped murderer.

How Many Miles To Basra 2006
Courtyard Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse
Director Ian Brown
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Emilio Doorgasingh, Gareth Farr, Matthew Flynn, Gwilym Havard Davies & Kevork Malikyan

Play set in Iraq following four British soldiers, a BBC reporter and their Iraqi translator as they embark on an unauthorised mission to make amends for the death of three Bedouin

Missing Persons 2006
Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh
Producer Eleanor Lloyd
Director Sarah Chew
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Greg Hicks

Collection of monologues based on Greek myths

The Seven Pomegranate Seeds 2006
Oxford Playhouse
Director Colin Teevan
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Clare Higgins

Commissioned to open the Onassis Programme for the performance of Greek drama the play explores the bleak separation of mother and child

The University 2004
National Theatre Studio
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Claudia Sermbezis

Monkey! 2001
Young Vic Theatre
Director Mick Gordon
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Aicha Kossoko, Jan Knightley, Elliot Levey, Inika Leigh Wright & Jason Thorpe

Play based on the popular classic of Asian literature which sees us follow Monkey as he struggles to redeem himself after causing chaos in heaven

The Walls 2001
National Theatre
Director Mick Gordon
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Michael Culkin , Declan Conlon, Monica Dolan, Clare Higgins & Karl Johnson

Play set on Christmas Eve about a couple waiting for the arrival of their son and his new bride

The Crack & The Whip 1997
White Memorial Theatre, Clonmel, Ireland
Writer Colin Teevan

Political satre following the wastrel son of a dying Major

Abymil Theatre
Producer Galloglass
Director Simon Bayly
Writer Colin Teevan

A black comedy set on a cancer ward based on the French Medieval Mardi Gras play Le Bataile de Charnau contre Caresme

Young Vic
Director Walter Meierjohann
Writer Franz Kafka
Starring Kathryn Hunter

One man show about an ape who has learned to become human to survive, based on the short story A Report to an Academy by Franz Kafka.

Don Quixote 2007
Quarry Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse
Director Josep Galindo
Writer Miguel de Cervantes
Starring Tony Bell, Alasdair Craig, Stephen Casey, Andrew Dennis & Rachel Donovan

Adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes novel about a man who sets out to recreate the chivalric world of his literary imagination in the brutal reality of seventeenth-century rural Spain

Peer Gynt 2007
Dundee Rep Theatre
Director Dominic Hill
Writer Henrik Ibsen
Starring Keith Fleming & Gerry Mulgrew

Modern adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic verse play

The Odyssey 2006
Northern Stage Company
Director Erica Whyman
Writer Homer

Commissioned to adapt Homer's epic by Northern Stage Company

Lysistrata 2005
TFANA, New York
Writer Aristophanes

Adaptation of Aristophanes play about one woman's attempt to end The Pelaponnesian War

Alcmaeon In Corinth 2004
Live Theatre, Newcastle
Director Martin Wylde
Writer Euripides
Starring Andrew Horsley, Catherine Mac Cabe, John McMahon, Deborah McMullan & Emma Roxburgh

Adapted from a fragment of Euripides about Alcmaeon who is hounded by the furies after murdering his mother

Bacchai 2002
National Theatre
Director Peter Hall
Writer Euripides
Starring Greg Hicks, William Houston & David Ryall

Adaptation of Euripides about Dionysius and the revenge he takes on all those who refuse to observe his rites or recognise his divinity

Cukoos 2000
The Gate Theatre
Director Peter Hall
Writer Giuseppe Manfridi
Starring Kelly Hunter, Paul Ready & David Yelland

Black comedy in which Beatrice, Tito and Tobia discover that the future holds a different past for them

IPH 1999
Lyric Theatre, Belfast
Director David Grant
Starring Donncha Crowley, Niki Doherty, Richard Dormer, Sean Hannaway & Morna Regan

Adaptation of Euripides play, following a father willing to sacrifice his daughter to further the political ambitions of his nation

Marathon 1999
The Gate Theatre
Director Mick Gordon
Writer Edoardo Erba
Starring Ciaran McMenamin & Benjamin Waters

Play following two men as they train for a marathon

Svejk 1999
The Gate Theatre
Writer Jaroslav Hasek
Starring Sally Hawkins & Michael Glenn Murphy

Adaptation of Jaroslav Hasek's comic play about a soldier who survives World War I by undermining the institutions of army and state through his idiocy

Vinegar & Brown Paper 1995

Buffalo Bill Has Gone To Alaska 1994

Tear Up The Black Sail 1994

Here Come The Cowboys 1993

Assistant Director and Production Dramaturg
Tantalus 2000
Denver Centre for the Performing Arts
Director Peter Hall
Writer John Barton
Starring Alyssa Bresnahan, Alan Dobie, Greg Hicks, Annalee Jefferies & Ann Mtichell

Colin also wrote some new material for Sir Peter Hall's production of John Barton's ten-play cycle examining the beginnings, climax and aftermath of the Trojan War

Massistonia 1 x 90' 2010
BBC Radio 3
In development  
Producer Toby Swift
Writer Colin Teevan

Original play for BBC Radio 3

Marathon Tales 1 x 90 Nov 2013
BBC in house for BBC Radio 3
Writer Colin Teevan

Winner of the Tinniswood Award for Best Radio Drama script 2014. Original 90 minute play for Radio 3 about professional and amateur marathon runners across time, co-written by Hannah Silva.

Myrrha 1 x 45' Mar 2008
BBC for BBC Radio 4
Director Jeremy Mortimer
Writer Colin Teevan
Starring Naill Baggy, Derbhle Crotty, Toby Jones, Gerard McSorley & Marcelle Plunkett

Part of the New Metamorphoses season of contermpoary reworkings of Ovid's Tales, Myrrah is a 16 year who was abandoned as a baby and is now in the grip of a terrible passion

BBC for BBC Radio 3
Director Toby Swift
Writer Colin Teevan

Full length original play for Radio 3 set in Iraq

Medea: The Last Word 2003
BBC for BBC Radio 3
Writer Colin Teevan

Contemporary dramatic verse monologue for The Verb

Roy Keaneiad Part II Nov 2002
BBC for BBC Radio 3
Producer Julian May
Writer Colin Teevan

An epic poem for BBC3's The Verb

Roy Keaneaid, Part I Jun 2002
BBC for BBC Radio 3
Producer Rob Ketteridge
Writer Colin Teevan

Monologue for The Verb, BBC Radio 3

Tricycles 1 x 60' 2002
BBC for BBC Radio 3
Director Toby Swift
Writer Colin Teevan

Fast paced original play that dips in and out of everyday lives in Belfast to create a picture of the city and its people

IPH 1 x 60' 2001
BBC for BBC Radio 3
Producer Stephen Wright
Writer Colin Teevan

Radio version of Colin's stage play of the same name for BBC Radio 3

Farquar's Bequest 1 x 60' 1997
Producer Danny Readon
Writer Colin Teevan

Orginal full length play for RTE

Le Grande Large 1 x 60' 1993
Radio France Culture
Writer Colin Teevan

Radio version of Colin's stage play, translated into French by Alexandra Poulain