Comedy Award Nominations

Twenty Twelve

December 12, 2011

The nominations for the 2011 British Comedy Awards have been announced and include SpyTwenty Twelve, Fresh Meat, Psychoville, This is Jinsy, Horrible Histories, The One Ronnie and An Idiot Abroad.

Twenty Twelve the spoof documentary about the run-up to the 2012 Olympics, created, written and directed by John Morton has been nominated as Best Sitcom and Best New Comedy and Hugh Bonneville who stars in the show has been nominated as Best Comedy Actor. The show returns for a second series in the new year.

Spy, an original comedy created and written by Simeon Goulden and directed by Ben Taylor for Sky1/Hat Trick Productions has been nominated in the Best New Comedy category. Its star Darren Boyd has also been nominated as Best Comedy Actor.

Fresh Meat written by Tony Roche, Keith Akushie, Jon Brown and Rose Heiney, and directed by Annie Griffin, has been nominated as Best Comedy Drama, Best New Comedy and Jack Whitehall nominated as Best Comedy Actor. A second series of the comedy about students in their first year of University is currently in pre-production.

This is Jinsy, Sky Atlantic's original comedy series directed by Matt Lipsey has been nominated as Best Sketch Comedy. Produced by James Dean and Chris Carey from The Welded Tandem Picture Company, This is Jinsy is a surreal sitcom about the bizarre residents living on a fictional island inhabited by a range of oddball characters.

Series two of Psychoville, also directed by Matt Lipsey, has been nominated in the Best New Comedy category. The first series picked up the Best New Comedy Award at the 2009 British Comedy Awards. Dawn French who also stars has been nominated as Best Comedy Actress.

An Idiot Abroad, executive-produced and directed by Krish Majumdar, has been nominated in the Best Comedy Entertainment. Series Two of the incredibly popular show has just finished on Sky 1 as Karl Pilkington ticks off a 'Bucket List' designed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

Horrible Histories, The One Ronnie and Come Fly With Me have been nominated as Best Sketch Show. Ben Ward is one of the lead writers and script editor on the hugely successful Horrible Histories. The Dawson Bros wrote for The One Ronnie including the famous 'Blackberry' sketch, which starred Harry Enfield. It is the most watched BBC Clip. Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil have contributed to David Walliams and Matt Lucus' Come Fly With Me.

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