The Windsor Faction

by DJ Taylor Fiction

  • UK & Comm Chatto & Windus (September 2013, Ed. Juliet Brooke, 344 pages)

It’s 1939. War has broken out but, as Wallis Simpson died in 1936, a heartbroken Edward VIII remains on the throne. An influential faction in the country wants to pull out of the war and negotiate an early peace. Who will get the King’s ear?

Cynthia has returned to London society from Ceylon. She feels the forces within the country building around her - acquaintances rushing off to volunteer, whispered meetings among her parents' friends - but remains detached from the fervour of war. But when she falls for a dashing American with shadowy allegiances, she suddenly finds herself at the heart of the struggle and must decide once and for all whose side she is on.

Both a brilliant social history and a gripping novel of suspense, The Windsor Faction brings to light an oft-ignored moment in the Second World War and asks what might have happened....

By the acclaimed and Booker-long listed writer, D J Taylor.

The Windsor Faction

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