Daniel Mays

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Mays is captivating as the dodgy, hugely ambitious Kidd, with all his comic talent and inexhaustible energy on full display.

Christopher Hart
The Sunday Times on The Red Lion

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...Daniel Mays' lovely scenes as Pepys. If this thing takes, Mays must be booked for a series about the great diarist.

Andrew Billen
The Times on The Great Fire

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Mays is on hypnotic form as the strutting, spiv-like Kidd

Dominic Cavendish
The Telegraph on The Red Lion

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...an actor of compelling virtuosity who is at the top of his game here...

Charles Spencer
The Telegraph on Mojo

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Haunting and affecting, with a particularly compelling performance from Mays as the vulnerable but angry Eddie.

Terry Ramsey
The Telegraph on Public Enemies

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