Reinventing Government

by David Osborne Non-fiction

  • US Addison Wesley Longman (1992, 432 pages)

Written by David Osborne and Ted Gaebler.

Reinventing government details the most revolutionary idea of our time- an idea whose time has come. Its authors give proof positive that government does not have to be a gigantic and inefficient bureaucracy. Instead, it can govern in the true sense of the word, by tapping the tremendous power of the entrepreneurial process and the force of the free market.

In case after case, the authors show how this approach already has proven its worth all over the USA- in schools, in slums, in sanitation, in a host of other areas where enterprising and innovative public officials have delivered a far bigger public service bang for every budgeted buck.

To cut taxes and improve services at the same time may seem too good to be true. Yet now we have in our hands a way to make it come true- if we, and politicians of all parties and persuasions read it and use it.
Reinventing Government
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