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Declan graduated from Ireland's National Film School in 1989 with the award-winning short film Big Swinger, and has since gone on to direct some of the top rated shows on Irish television, including Any Time Now, The Clinic and the award winning Pure Mule, which won five IFTAs including Best Director.

In 1992, he set up Paradox Pictures with fellow graduate Liam O'Neill. The company produced several feature films including Separation Anxiety and How Harry Became a Tree. During that time Declan directed the award winning shorts Quando and Sunny's Deliverance.

In 2008, Declan released his first feature film, Eden, adapted by Eugene O'Brien from his play of the same name. Starring Eileen Quinn, who won Best Actress at the Tribeca Film Festival for her role, Eden tells the story of a marriage falling apart and was nominated for a host of awards, including the European Academy Film Awards and for IFTA Best Director 2009.

Most recently Declan has directed the series, Scúp, for TG4 and BBCNI written by Colin Bateman.


Scup Series 2 6 x 30'
Stirling Film and Television for TG4 and BBCNI
In production
Director Declan Recks
Writer Colin Bateman

Scup 8 x 30'
Stirling Film and Television Productions for BBC
Producer Peter Norris
Director Declan Recks
Writer Colin Bateman
Starring Denis Conway, Kelly Gough, Donncha Crowley, Caitriona Mhurchu & Don Wycherley

Drama about an Irish language newspaper

Three Wise Women Television film
RHI Entertainment for The Hallmark Channel
Director Declan Recks
Starring Lauren Coe, Lesley Conroy, Fionnula Flanagan, Hugh O'Conor & John Rhys-Davies

Pure Mule: The Last Weekend 2 x 60'
Accomplice TV for RTE
Producer David Collins and Ed Guiney
Director Declan Recks
Writer Eugene O'Brien
Starring Simone Kirby, Charlene McKenna & Tom Murphy

Christmas special of the popular series

The Running Mate 3 x 60'
Rubicon Films
Producer various
Director Declan Recks
Writer various
Starring Denis Conway, Eamonn Hunt & Frank Kelly

Television drama mini-series

The Clinic: multiple episodes Multiple episodes
Parallel Films for RTE
Director Declan Recks
Starring Dominic Mafham & Gary Lydon

Award winning prime time medical drama series

Pure Mule 2005
Accomplice TV for RTE
Producer various
Director Declan Recks
Writer Eugene O'Brien
Starring Charlene McKenna & Simone Kirby

Series for RTE

Any Time Now 2 x 60'
Comet Films for RTE
Producer Lesley McKimm
Director Declan Recks
Starring Angeline Ball, Susan Lynch & Zara Turner

The lives and loves of three thirtysomething Dublin women who have been close friends for years.

On Home Ground 2 x 60'
Little Bird Productions for RTE
Producer Martha O'Neill
Director Declan Recks
Starring Amy Huberman, Rory Keenan & Dominique McElligott

Drama series

Scariest Places On Earth 2001
Triage Entertainment for Fox Family Channel
Producer Taura Mizrahi
Director Declan Recks

Television reality series

Making Ends Meet 1 x 52'
Indi Films for RTE
Producer Jack Armstrong
Director Declan Recks
Writer Damien O'Donnell

Mystic Knights 3 x 22'
Saban Entertainment/Sharpmist Ltd for Fox Kids Network
Director Declan Recks
Starring Kelly Campbell, Lisa Dwan & Ben Palmer

Children's television series

Portrait of Ireland 8 x 26'
Emdee Productions for The Travel Channel US
Director Declan Recks

Writer and Director
Clara Bog 1 x 26'
Director Declan Recks
Writer Declan Recks


Three Minute Man Feature
Parallel Film
In development
Director Declan Recks
Writer Eugene O'Brien

Eden Feature
Broadcasting Commission of Ireland for Samson Films
Producer David Collins
Director Declan Recks
Writer Eugene O'Brien
Starring Aidan Kelly & Eileen Walsh

Adaptation of the stage play

Pete's Meteor Feature
Paradox Pictures for First Look International
Producer John S. Lyons and Liam O'Neill
Director Declan Recks
Writer Joe O'Byrne
Starring Brenda Fricker, Alfred Molina & Mike Myers

Sunny's Deliverance Short
Sunny Pictures
Producer Todd Jeffrey
Director Declan Recks
Writer Deborah Scott-Spera
Starring Susan Cash, Michael Dempsey & Eric Lloyd

Writer and Director
Soap Short

Director Declan Recks
Writer Declan Recks

Quando Short
Paradox Pictures for Network Ireland Television
Director Declan Recks
Writer Declan Recks
Starring Paul Hickey, Paul Meade & Cillian Murphy

26' comedy drama short

Big Swinger 1989

Director Declan Recks
Writer Declan Recks

Northern Lights Short
Paradox Pictures
Producer Declan Recks
Director Liam O'Neill
Writer Liam O'Neill
Starring Alan Archbold, Catherine Murphy & Ger Ryan

Separation Anxiety Feature
Paradox Pictures
Producer Declan Recks
Director Mark Staunton
Writer Shelagh Harcourt
Starring Kevin Gildea, Patrick Hickey & Barry Murphy