Drew Pautz

 Writer for theatre and film

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Drew Pautz's play Love the Sinner premiered at the Cottesloe in May 2010, directed by Matthew Dunster to critical acclaim: Michael Coveney called him 'a strong and serious contender for this year's most promising playwright', in What's on Stage. Drew's debut play Someone Else's Shoes premiered at Soho Theatre in 2007.

Drew was also one of 5 writers selected for the final stage of the prestigious Met Film Scheme, through which he developed his feature script Everyone Is Special.

Drew is also currently under comission at the National Theatre.





Director Stephen Unwin
An original play for Soho Theatre
Soho Theatre
Director Matthew Dunster
An original play for the National Theatre
The National Theatre



An original feature script about a teacher who becomes obsessed with a pupil who seems to be writing stories about him


Writer & Director

  • Denise Gough
  • Justin Salinger
  • Liz White
    An original short film, a desperate woman flees mysterious pursuers through a man's house and he cannot forget her




    Producer Nadia Molinari
  • Henry Goodman
  • Ashley Kumar
  • Conrad Nelson
  • Graeme Hawley
    Drew Pautz's drama examining the gaps between facts, finance, conscience and confidence.
    Production Company BBC Productions
    Broadcaster BBC Radio 4