Jane Eyre Laid Bare

by Eve Sinclair

  • UK & Canada Pan Macmillan (August 2012)
  • US St Martin's Press Inc

It's 1847 and Jane Eyre, an innocent eighteen-year-old, is desperate for experience when she meets her employer, the handsome, brooding Mr Rochester, who soon begins to confide in her about his dark past, believing her mind to be incorruptible. But Jane has a vivid imagination and needs of her own. She soon comes to realise that Thornfield Hall is a much more sensually arousing place than she had first assumed. She finds herself embroiled in a passionate, sexual, sensual romance with Rochester. But his insatiable appetites and increasingly dark fantasies eventually prove too much for Jane. When the secret of Thornfield Hall is finally revealed, Jane is faced with the terrible truth of why she can never marry Rochester. Instead must break his spell and escape him to preserve her own sanity, or stay and be forever ruined.
Jane Eyre Laid Bare
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