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The Lifesavers

★ Nominated for TMA award for Best New Play 2009
Theatre 503 and The Mercury Theatre Colchester, 2009 Writer Fraser Grace

A couple desperate for a baby. A boy who has seen too much. Watching over them all are the saviours; policing us into being human, protecting us from a world which is riven with fear. They call themselves the Lifesavers.
The Lifesavers by Fraser Grace

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Theatre, Film & TV Joe Phillips Joe Phillips
+44 (0)20 7393 4459
Joe's Profile > a fiercely intelligent writer, and this is a gripping play

Lyn Gardner The Guardian

in the anxiety that gives his writing a shuddering energy, he catches something of the mood of our own uncertain times.

Sam Marlowe The Times

Grace brilliantly takes the concept of the nanny state to its absurd but logical conclusion: individual parents are no longer allowed to rear their own children but must hand them over to government “safe homes”. 

Fiona Mountford Evening Standard

Anyone interested in child-protection issues, or who simply craves an ingenious, thought-provoking night out on the fringe, should see this.

Dominic Cavendish The Telegraph