George Crile

George Crile


George Crile was born in 1945. After studies at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and Trinity College, Hartford, Crile began his career working as a reporter and as a correspondent. Later, Crile worked as the Washington Editor of Harper's Magazine. In addition to Harper's, his articles were published in The Washington Monthly, New Times, The Washington Post Outlook Section and The New York Times.

He is perhaps best known for his work as both a producer and reporter for American television network CBS, where he worked for three decades. During his time at CBS he was instrumental in a number of big political reports ranging from issues of nuclear armament in the Cold War to the Afghan War. It was this research into the Afghan War that lead him to write his 2003 best-selling book, Charlie Wilson's War.

Charlie Wilson’s War has been widely and favourably reviewed, having run into more than ten printings in the USA. It was also the basis of the Tom Hanks/Mike Nichols film, Charlie Wilson's War, which was released by Universal Studios in December 2007.

Crile passed away due to ill health in 2006.