Hari Kunzru

Novelist and short story writer
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Hari Kunzru grew up in Essex and studied English at Oxford University before gaining a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Warwick.

He went on to write for Wired UK, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and Time Out and won the Observer Young Travel Writer of the Year Award in 1999. He was the music editor of Wallpaper* from 1999 to 2004 and has been a contributing editor for Mute since 1995.

His first novel, The Impressionist, won a Betty Trask Award and the Somerset Maugham Award. He was named by Granta as one of the twenty best young British novelists and by Lire as one of the world’s 50 writers for tomorrow. He is Deputy President of English PEN.

Hari currently lives in New York City.

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Gods Without Men is a step further along the road towards the full realisation of Kunzru's early promise. It makes undeniable the claim that he is one of our most important novelists.

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