ICM London Book Fair 2012

ICM London Book Fair 2012

54 items A collection of new ICM titles that have recently sold or are about to deliver.

The Counselor US cover
The Counselor

by Cormac McCarthy
Vintage, October 2013

Ben Fountaine credit Thorne Anderson

Ben Fountain
Novelist and short story writer

Billy Lynn UK Paperback
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

by Ben Fountain
Ecco Press, May 2012

Nell Freudenberger © Jennifer Desmond

Nell Freudenberger
Novelist and short story writer

The Newlyweds US cover
The Newlyweds

by Nell Freudenberger
Knopf , May 2012

James Salter credit Corina Arranz

James Salter
Novelist, short story and non-fiction writer

All That Is US cover
All That Is

by James Salter
Knopf , April 2013

The Why of Things

by Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop
Free Press, June 2013

George Saunders © Caitlin Saunders

George Saunders
Novelist and columnist

Tenth of December UK cover
Tenth of December

by George Saunders
Random House, January 2013

 A Thousand Pardons. US cover
A Thousand Pardons

by Jonathan Dee
Random House, March 2013

Traps UK cover

by MacKenzie Bezos
Knopf , March 2013

The World Without You US cover
The World Without You

by Joshua Henkin
Pantheon Books Inc, June 2012

Peter Gethers © Michael Lupino

Peter Gethers
American non-fiction novelist

Ask Bob US cover
Ask Bob

by Peter Gethers
Henry Holt & Co Inc, August 2013

The Mothers US cover
The Mothers

by Jennifer Gilmore
Scribner, April 2013

Revenge Wears Prada UK cover
Revenge Wears Prada

by Lauren Weisberger
Atria, June 2013

Jason Matthews (c) David Moore

Jason Matthews
American novelist

Red Sparrow US Hardback cover
Red Sparrow

by Jason Matthews
Scribner, June 2013

Cover to come
The Fifth Gospel

by Ian Caldwell
Simon & Schuster, April 2015

Mission to Paris US cover
Mission to Paris

by Alan Furst
Random House, June 2012

Murder and Moonshine US cover
Murder and Moonshine

by Carol Miller
Minotaur Books, December 2013

How We Learn US cover
How We Learn

by Benedict Carey
Random House, September 2014

Michael Sandel © Kiku Adatto

Michael Sandel
Non-fiction writer

What Money Can't Buy US cover
What Money Can't Buy

by Michael Sandel
Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc, April 2012

Simple US cover

by Alan Siegel & Irene Etzkorn
Twelve, April 2013

Cooked US cover

by Michael Pollan
Penguin, April 2013

Bob Spitz

Bob Spitz
American non-fiction writer

Dearie US cover
Dearie: Julia Child Biography

by Bob Spitz
Knopf , August 2012

Warrior Princess US cover
Warrior Princess

by Mindy Budgor
Globe Pequot Press, June 2013

Paris ARC cover

by Kati Marton
Simon & Schuster, August 2012

Siri Hustvedt © Marion Ettlinger

Siri Hustvedt
Novelist, essayist and non-fiction writer

Living Thinking Looking US cover
Living, Thinking, Looking

by Siri Hustvedt
Picador (USA), June 2012

Tom Bissell

Tom Bissell
Journalist, novelist and non-fiction writer

Magic Hours US cover
Magic Hours

by Tom Bissell
McSweeney's, April 2012