ICM Stop Press Frankfurt Book Fair 2011

ICM Stop Press Frankfurt Book Fair 2011

24 items A collection of new ICM titles that have recently sold or are about to deliver.

HOME US cover

by Toni Morrison
Knopf , May 2012

James Salter credit Corina Arranz

James Salter
Novelist, short story and non-fiction writer

All That Is US cover
All That Is

by James Salter
Knopf , April 2013

Nell Freudenberger © Jennifer Desmond

Nell Freudenberger
Novelist and short story writer

The Newlyweds US cover
The Newlyweds

by Nell Freudenberger
Knopf , May 2012

Ben Fountaine credit Thorne Anderson

Ben Fountain
Novelist and short story writer

Billy Lynn UK Paperback
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

by Ben Fountain
Ecco Press, May 2012

Shout Her Lovely Name US
Shout Her Lovely Name

by Natalie Serber
Houghton Mifflin Co, June 2012

Christopher Buckley © John Huba Art & Commerce

Christopher Buckley
American novelist and non-fiction writer

They Eat Puppies US cover
They Eat Puppies Don't They?

by Christopher Buckley
Twelve, May 2012

Calling all invisible Women
Calling Invisible Women

by Jeanne Ray
Crown Publishing, May 2012

12.21 UK cover

by Dustin Thomason
Random House, August 2012

Siri Hustvedt © Marion Ettlinger

Siri Hustvedt
Novelist, essayist and non-fiction writer

Living Thinking Looking US cover
Living, Thinking, Looking

by Siri Hustvedt
Picador (USA), June 2012

14 Minutes US cover
14 Minutes

by John Brant & Alberto Salazar
Rodale, April 2012

Bob Reiss © Eli Wallach

Bob Reiss
American novelist and journalist

The Eskimo and the Oil Men US cover
The Eskimo and the Oil Men

by Bob Reiss
Grand Central Publishing, June 2012

Simple US cover

by Alan Siegel & Irene Etzkorn
Twelve, April 2013