James Richardson

Sports presenter for television and journalist.
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"He was cheap, and he spoke Italian". Armed with these qualities, in 1992, James Richardson wandered into a job defined by many a 90s male as the best in the world. As presenter and roving reporter for Channel Four's Italian Football coverage, James's brief was to follow and film many of the greatest stars in football, while keeping his Italian film crew in check with a generous side order of ice cream.

The Times dubbed him ‘Football's least likely presenter', but despite being as naturally sporting as a deck of marked cards James bravely managed. James returned to London in 2002, after ten years of writing, producing and presenting in Rome. He now lives in London and continues to cover Italian and world football for a variety of broadcasters. 

James is a frequent contributor to BBC radio, writes for the Guardian and Daily Mail newspapers and has a regular column on the Guardian's football website. He also hosts the UK's no. 1 sports podcast; Guardian Unlimited's Football Weekly. 

James’ cult status has continued to grow over the years, and he is now widely revered as one of the most pertinent and accurate pundits in the business. Presenter of BBC1's Late Kick Off, UEFA Euro 2012 and ESPN James has defied his early critics as he was voted the nation's favourite football pundit by FHM.


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