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Janice Kaplan

A Job To Kill For

by Janice Kaplan Fiction

  • US & Canada Touchstone (2008, 304 pages)

Shopping meets suspense in this enticing new cocktail of sassy and smart sleuthing featuring a spunky decorator.

As a tireless mother of three, the doting spouse of a surgeon, and a talented interior designer to the stars, Lacy Fields can always find the perfect piece to finish a puzzle, a living room or an investigation.

When Lacy's beautiful young client Cassie Crawford drops dead after a sip of tea in her newly decorated L.A. penthouse, Lacy once again finds herself in the midst of murder. She's stunned when suspicion lands on her own best friend, hot Hollywood casting agent Molly Archer, whose "friendship" with Cassie's billionaire mogul husband brings her to the attention of the LAPD.

Lacy will have to set aside seeking antiques to hunt down a dangerous killer. But this time, she's not alone. Sleuthing becomes a family affair: her son, Grant, works underground at UCLA to help her; fifteen-year-old Ashley is consoled by celebrities when her mom is hauled off by cops; Lacy's husband, Dan, provides forensics; and even little six-year-old Jimmy helps Mom find a murderer.

From a rough-and-tumble biker with a heart of gold to a relentless university fund-raiser, Lacy will follow every one of Cassie Crawford's precarious footsteps in order to clear her best friend's name. But by doing so, will she put her own family in the path of a desperate killer?

Here is glorious mystery entertainment from a dazzling new star in the suspense firmament.
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