Carte Blanche

★ Bouken-shousetsu Adventure Fiction Award 2011
by Jeffery Deaver Fiction

  • UK & Comm Hodder and Stoughton (May 2011, Ed. Carolyn Mays)
  • US & Canada Simon & Schuster

Written by best-selling American thriller writer Jeffery Deaver, this new take on Ian Fleming’s literary creation sees James Bond in a novel truly for the 21st century.

Carte Blanche is set in a post-9/11 world. Whitehall is bound by red tape, smeared by sexed-up dossiers, invasions of privacy, political snooping and rumours of illegal target killings. In this new world of government transparency, Bond is recruited to the Special Operations Executive, an agency that operates independently of Mi5, Mi6 and the MoD. Its very existence is a secret; its aim to protect the Realm by any means necessary. Bond’s ‘carte blanche’ is under threat from the enemy of bureaucracy, even as he is driven through a thrilling sequence of action and danger in defence of his country.

Taking place over five days, the action unfolds following an alert from GCHQ about a major attack due later in the week. Bond finds himself enlisted to work on the mysterious ‘Incident 20’ and his quest to uncover the villains behind the plot takes him on a rollercoaster journey across Eastern Europe, the sands of Dubai and Capetown.

Bond fans can expect to see familiar faces working alongside Bond such as M, Mary Goodnight and Moneypenny. Here too are some of his former associates (although not as you’ve seen them before), including the sublimely beautiful Mi6 intelligence analyst Ophelia 'Philly' Maidstone. Also central to the story is arch villain Severan Hydt – owner of Green Way International Disposal and Recycling, a man obsessed with decaying buildings and rotting flesh.

Fans of Jeffery Deaver can look forward to the author’s trademark twists and turns, attention to detail and technological know-how with the introduction of new cutting edge gadgets.

Carte Blanche UK cover
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