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Jennifer E. Smith is the author of young adult novels, The Comeback Season and You Are Here. Her third novel, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight published in the US & UK in January 2012 and has been translated into nearly 30 languages. Other young adult novels include This Is What Happy Looks Like, The Geography of You and Me, and Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between, which is due to publish in September 2015 in the US. Jennifer has also written a middle-grade novel, The Storm Makers, published in the US in 2012.

Jennifer grew up outside of Chicago and earned her master's in creative writing from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She currently works as a senior editor in New York City.

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  • @juliebux Oh, don't worry. I'm already hooked on that one!

    I'm always honored when people make trailers (or any art) based on my books, and thought this was especially lovely:

    Big dilemma: continue watching Outlander (which I've been flying through) or pause to watch Wet Hot American Summer. Choices!