The Wake

by Jeremy Page Fiction

  • UK Penguin (July 2009, 288 pages)
  • US Viking

US title: Sea Change

A field, a perfect morning, a family destroyed in a single moment.

Every night, before he cuts the engine and lets the boat drift, Guy writes the diary of the man he should have been – of a husband with his wife and their young daughter; of a new family that may not have been perfect but who were, at least, together. And every morning, as he’s rocked in his berth by the waves all around, he wakes to the memory of that fateful day and the knowledge that things can never be the same. Embarking on a moving and eventful journey from the calm estuaries of East Anglia to the southern states of America and the storm-filled waters of the North Sea, Guy meets Marta and her daughter Rhona, who are on a life-affirming journey of their own . . .
The Wake UK Paperback
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