Jessica Barden

Last year Jessica filmed the role of Kit in two-part drama The Outcast based on the Sadie Jones novel for BBC1. She can currently be seen playing the role of Liddy in feature film Far From the Madding Crown directed by Thomas Vinterberg.

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As Bathsheba’s mischievous servant-companion Liddy, Jessica Barden is gloriously provocative and amusing too. 

David Sexton
The Evening Standard on Far From The Madding Crowd

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"scene-stealer .. Jessica Barden"****

Peter Bradshaw
The Guardian on Tamara Drewe

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... it provides irresistibly inviting conditions for any scene stealers in the vicinity. The culprit here is young Jessica Barden as Sammy's friend Ruby. She doesn't have many lines, but the ones she does have are delivered with a natural charisma that renders everything else about Sammy's War that little bit more forgettable. I'd watch out for her.

Ellen E Jones
Independent on Coming Up - Sammy's War

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