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Twenty Twelve: Series 2, Episodes 1-4

4 x 30', 2012 BBC Productions for BBC2 Creator John Morton Director John Morton Writer John Morton Starring Hugh Bonneville, Amelia Bullmore, Olivia Colman, Jessica Hynes & Karl Theobald

Following its debut on BBC4 in March 2011, Twenty Twelve returned for a second series on BBC2.

The Olympics Deliverance Committee, headed by Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville), have a new set of challenges to face as the games draw ever closer. From a stand-off between the French and the Algerians over the 'shared belief centre' to the installation of new hand dryers in the bathrooms, the run up to the Olympics is not going to go smoothly for the team.

Twenty Twelve Series 2 written and directed by John Morton

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It’s a great final episode, a zinger at the end of a too-brief series. Can we have an Olympic Games special in the summer, please?

Alison Graham Radio Times

Another perfectly judged script with superb performances, most notably Olivia Colman's PA. Solid gold stuff

Julia Raeside The Guardian

it's John Morton's script that deserves the gold

Oliver Franklin GQ

one of the funniest things on television... last night's episode seemed close to perfect

Tom Sutcliffe The Independent

wonderful. Literally LOL

Sam Wollaston The Guardian

far and away the funniest series on television at the moment

David Chater The Times

Well observed, impeccably cast mock-dock ****

Gabriel Tate Time Out

Is it just us or is 'Twenty Twelve' getting funnier as the Olympics draw nearer?... the script is pitched perfectly between fondness and scepticism ****

Phil Harrison Time Out

 another brilliant episode of Twenty Twelve tonight — the funniest series on television

David Chater The Times

well plotted and boasts some splendid dialogue

Andrew Billen The Times

 pick of the bunch - for one final week - remains John Morton's iron fist inside a velvet glove... Tremendous performances and pin-point satire

Gabriel Tate Time Out

comic heaven... If the real Games are half as much fun as this, the London Olympics will be a triumph.

David Chater The Times