Karolina Sutton

+44 (0)20 7393 4428


I represent a range of authors, from award-winning novelists to writers of quality non-fiction and popular fiction bestsellers, from literary fiction to crime and thrillers. 

In fiction I am drawn to great storytelling, excellent prose and original ideas. I enjoy high-end historical fiction, suspense, social observation, unusual points of view and atmospheric settings. I like championing novels which challenge as well as entertain.  

My non-fiction clients include thinkers, nature writers, journalists, historians, human rights activists, campaigners, artists and people who excel in their field of expertise and want to share their experiences.

There is an international dimension to my list as many of my clients’ work appeals to audiences around the world.     

Before joining Curtis Brown, I was an agent at International Creative Management, working in the book and film departments. I've been shortlisted for Agent of the Year at the Bookseller British Book Industry Awards.

My assistant is Lucy Morris. 


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