Kellie Smith


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Kellie is a graduate of the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse’s Young Writer’s Programme and has also taken part in the Everyman’s Writer on Attachment Programme. She has worked with a number of companies including Paine’s Plough, Slung Low, Live Theatre, The Miniaturists, the Royal Exchange, 20 Stories High and has participated in the Royal Court’s Invitation Group. 

She is currently collaborating with Collective Encounters and has been selected by the Royal Exchange to write a piece for “Hunger for Trade” project - a big international collaboration between nine theatres across four continents. 

Kellie also writes for radio. Original broadcast work includes Can’t Live Without You and Homeowners.





National Connections 2016. In development 

Producer Hunger for Trade project
Royal Exchange Studio
Producer Theatre Centre

Skylines Showcase Winner

Write Lines Conference, London
Producer Collective Encounters Theatre company
Producer Alligator Theatre company
Dukes Theatre
Liverpool Playhouse Studio
Producer Alligator Theatre Company
Liverpool Playhouse Studio
Word in Progress showcase
Royal Exchange Theatre
Writers Ball Showcase
Action Transport Theatre
Producer Everyword Festival
Liverpool Playhouse studio
Producer 20 Stories High
Workshop and written response
Producer tutti frutti
Childrens theatre workshop for First Words Project in collaboration with The Duke's Theatre, Sheffield Theatre and Liverpool Everyman
Liverpool Everyman
Producer Slung Low Theatre Company
Director Alan Lane
  • Ken Bradshaw
  • Leanne Best

    Liverpool's Posts 'Production Of The Year' 

    Liverpool Everyman
    Fast–paced comedy about school life
    Liverpool Everyman
    Producer Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse
    Director Elizabeth Freestone
  • Howard Ward
  • Samuel Collings
  • Amy McAllister
    Everyword Festival
    Producer The Miniaturists
    Director Elli Johnson
  • Neil Caple
  • Joe Shipman
    Liverpool Everyman
    Director Sedar Bilis
    Liverpool Everyman
    Producer Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse
    Director Ellie Jones
    Liverpool Everyman



    Producer Pauline Harris
    Production Company BBC
    Broadcaster BBC Radio 4
    Producer Pauline Harris
    Director Pauline Harris
  • Sarah Smart
    Production Company BBC Radio 4
    Production Company LIPA Radio
    Production Company BBC Radio Mersyside
    Production Company BBC Radio 3


    Executive Producer

    Synergy Theatre Company
    Waltham Prison