Kevin Roose

Kevin Roose


Kevin Roose is a non-fiction writer. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

During his sophomore year of college, Kevin met a group of students from Liberty University, a “Bible Boot Camp” for young evangelicals. Inspired by that meeting, he decided to spend a semester “abroad” at Liberty, learning about his conservative Christian peers by living among them.

His book about the experience, The Unlikely Disciple, (Grand Central, 2009) was chosen for Barnes & Noble’s prestigious “Discover Great New Writers” series, featured by Newsweek, Time, NPR’s All Things Considered, USA Today, Marie Claire, Psychology Today, and Details, and praised by the New York Times Book Review, Publishers Weekly, amongst others.

In addition to working on his second book, Young Money (a nonfiction account of young Wall Street bankers), Kevin writes for publications including Esquire, SPIN, and the Huffington Post, and is coordinating The Jonah Project, an online social campaign aimed at bringing Americans from opposite sides of the political/religious spectrum together for honest, respectful conversations about the culture wars.