Liad Shoham to be published in US, France, Germany & Denmark

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May 10, 2012

After the excitement of the London Book Fair, rights in Liad Shoham’s fifth novel, Line Up, have now been sold in the US, France, Germany and Denmark. Liad Shoham, a new client represented by Jonny Geller and Kate Cooper, is an Israeli author and attorney, who came recommended via his Hebrew publisher Ziv Lewis at Kinneret. Liad Shoham is considered one of Israel’s leading crime thriller writers – all five of his crime novels have been critically acclaimed bestsellers.

Jonny Geller closed the US deal with Claire Wachtel at HarperCollins for Line Up and Liad Shoham’s next novel Asylum City, before the London Book Fair. Rights in both novels were also sold at auction in France and Germany. Véronique Cardi of Editions First will publish the novels in France and Angela Tsakiris of Dumont in Germany. Snaebjorn Arngrimsson is the latest editor to acquire rights for HR Ferdinand in Denmark.

Line Up is a fast-paced thriller set in Tel-Aviv. A brutal rape disturbs a quiet neighbourhood leaving the police baffled – there are no clues, no eyewitnesses and no suspects. The victim’s father takes the investigation into his own hands and identifies Ziv Nevo as the rapist. When the victim confirms his identity, the case appears to be closed but appearances can be deceiving.

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