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Lisa Jewell was born in 1968 in Middlesex Hospital in London's West End and was brought up in North London. At primary school in Oakleigh Park, she was found to be gifted only in creative writing and was once accused of cheating by a teacher who didn't believe that a poem she'd read in class could possibly have been written by her.

Despite such early indicators, she decided to eschew writing and instead study art and design at Barnet College. After a brief and largely unsuccessful stint in fashion, she at last found her calling after enrolling in a creative writing course at her local Adult Education College. She has since written nine bestselling novels. After the Party published in 2010 was the long-awaited sequel to Ralph’s Party.  The Third Wife was published by Random House in 2014.

Lisa lives in London with her husband and their two daughters.

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Clever, intelligent and believable on a subject few of us really understand. Lorrie is one of the most vivid - and complex - characters I've read in years. Wonderful.

Jojo Moyes
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Her writing is light, warm, absorbing and full of humour on After the Party

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