Liz Lewin

Producer for television
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Writer Lisa McGee
Company Pictures for Channel 4
Company Pictures for E4
Company Television for E4
In Production
Treatment commissioned
Fresh One
One In Three
Bible and Episode outlines
BBC Inhouse
Frat House
6 x 30'
BBC Inhouse
Kool Aid
1 x 60'
ITV Productions for E4
ITV Productions for E4
1 x 90'
ITV Productions
Two half hour episodes commissioned
Tiger Aspect Productions
Writer Stephen Beresford
Tiger Aspect Productions
Bad Crowd
1 x 30'
Writer Conor Maloney & Fintan Ryan
  • Brian Bovell
  • Tom Harper
  • Paul Courtenay Hyu
  • Aidan McArdle
    Middle-class Aiden tries to come to terms with being in prison and his homosexuality. He sets out to attract he prison's most eligible homosexual, Gay Bob.
    Tiger Aspect Productions for Channel 4

    Executive Producer

    Producer Mark E. Iddon
    Director Craig Young
    Writer Karl Minns
  • Ayesha Antoine
  • Simon Coombes
  • Pippa Duffy
  • Anna Nightingale
    Comedy drama pilot which follows of the lives of the three members of a fictional girl group.
    Avalon Television for BBC3
    Patridge Films for BBC
    Patridge Films for National Geographic
    Producer Adrian Warren
  • Lauren Bacall (Narrator)
    Patridge Films for BBC/PBS
    Patridge Films for Dorling Kindersley/Disney
    Working with Tessa Ross and Lucy Richer
    Producer Kathleen Hutchison
    Writer Kay Mellor, Sally Wainwright, Katie Baxendale, Jan McVerry & Greg Snow
  • Melanie Hill
  • Lorraine Ashbourne
  • Lesley Sharp
    Drama series following the lives of the Castlefield Blues, a fictitious female football team from South Yorkshire.
    Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC1
    Creator Liz Lewin & Jane Fallon
    Producer Sue Howells
    Director Otto Bathurst & Jonathan Fox Bassett
    Writer Ed Roe, Charlie Martin, Aschlin Ditta, Stephen Leslie & Rachel Pole
  • Matthew Horne
  • Chris Polick
  • Stephanie Street
    A group of friends who are approaching 30 make a list of unusual tasks to perform before they reach that age.
    Tiger Aspect Productions for Channel 4
    Developing series with Sue Townsend, Jack Lothian, Sally Wainwright.
    Producer Rhonda Smith
  • Andrew Lincoln
  • Navin Chowdhry
  • Adrian Bower
  • Nina Sosanya
    Tiger Aspect Productions for Channel 4
    Developing drama and comedy drama series for BBC 1, Channel 4, E4 and BBC 3 with Stephen Beresford, Mark Chappell, Tony Basgallop, Lisa McGee, Jack Lothian, Chris Niel, Richard Stoneman.
    1 x 90'
    Producer Rhonda Smith
    Director Peter Lydon
    Writer David Nicholls
  • Sarah Parish
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Anna Madeley
  • Juan Pablo Di Pace
    Jim and Sue married young and 20 years later find themselves on holiday in Spain – an anniversary present from their children – with very little to say to each other.
    Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC1
    Producer Will Gould
    Director Marcal Fores
    Writer Lisa McGee
  • Elizabeth Day
  • Nathalie Lunghi
  • Sophie Loftus
  • Jacob Anderson
    Drama which follows a group of teenagers whose already difficult years of adolescence get massively complicated when one of them is involved in a mysterious car crash.
    Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC3
    Developing The Things I Haven't Told You as an American pilot for MTV and developing drama and comedy drama series for Channel 4, BBC 3, BBC 1, ITV with Charlie Martin, Stephen Beresford, Tony Basgallop, Lisa McGee, Jack Lothian, Richard Stoneman, Jonathan Bennett, Iain Hollands, Tim Allsop and Stewart Williams.

    Associate Producer

    Producer Rhonda Smith
    Director Barnaby Southcombe, Iain B MacDonald & Sean Grundy
  • Gillian Bevan
  • Daon Bron
  • Vicky Hall
  • Ursula Holden Gill
    Comedy drama series which followed a group of immature teachers working at a high school in Bristol.
    Tiger Aspect Productions for Channel 4