The Troika Dolls

by Miranda Darling Fiction

  • ANZ Allen & Unwin Pty (July 2010, 410 pages)

Stevie Duveen, Hazard's unlikeliest Risk Assessor, travels to Moscow in the heart of winter. The young daughter of the Head of the Russian Central bank, Anya Kozkov, has been kidnapped and everyone around the family is under suspicion.

The search for Anya drags Stevie -- fortified only by champagne, a large fur hat and her marvellously tall companion Henning -- through the night world of Moscow, all the way to a game of polo on ice, and the winter playground of the Swiss Alps.

Time is running out for Anya; but when the kidnappers turn their attentions to Stevie the hunt becomes a battle of wits against Russia's most dangerous men.
The Troika Dolls AUS cover