Amanda Abbington stars in Case Histories

Amanda Abbington as DI Louise Munro in Case Histories

June 03, 2011

Amanda Abbington stars in new BBC1 detective drama Case Histories, an adaptation of Kate Atkinson’s murder mystery series about private investigator Jackson Brodie. Gwyneth Keyworth also features as Reggie Chase.

Amanda plays Brodie’s former partner, DI Louise Munro, who continues to become tangled in the cases to which he becomes attached. Despite being wary of her ongoing professional links with Brodie and finding him intensely irritating, Louise finds herself somewhat attracted to his bullish mystique. Tough and straight-talking, Munro cares deeply about those she encounters and uses bravado to cover her deeper insecurities.

Gwyneth, meanwhile, plays local orphan Reggie Chase at the end of the series, now working as a nanny for an academic who disappears in mysterious circumstances.

Case Histories starts on Sunday 5th June at 9pm on BBC1.

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