Annie Griffin's New Town starts on BBC4

New Town

February 13, 2009

The pilot of Annie Griffin's new drama, New Town, screened on Saturday 14th February at 9pm on BBC4.

Set in Edinburgh, New Town taps into the uptight atmosphere of middle classes struggling to climb the property ladder and find the perfect home. Mark Gatiss and Max Bremer star as a ruthless architectural team, Purves and Pekkala, who are drawn into a murder mystery when a disembodied head falls from the church tower they are renovating. Daniela Nardini supports as the poisonous Edinburgh estate agent Meredith McIlvanney. This dark drama explores the idea that some neighbourhoods are so very special that people would kill to live there.

"There's a lot to like in BBC4's new drama" Gareth McLean, The Guardian

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