Translation Rights  |  Jun 15, 2015

Burial Rites attracts tourists to Iceland

Hannah Kent’s debut novel Burial Rites is credited with attracting an increasing number of tourists to northern Iceland.

The county of Húnavatn, where Kent's novel is set, has seen an increase of 80% in tourists traffic from 2014, partly due to the immense success of the novel. "It's going to be a good summer for the travel industry in the area," says Unnur Valborg Hilmarsdótti, Chairman of the city council, on the Iceland Monitor’s website.

Burial Rites tells the story of Agnes Magnúsdóttir, who was the last woman to be condemned to death in Iceland. She awaited her execution while living with a local family in the area and the novel explores her life through her relationship with her hosts. 

It won the 2014 Australian Booksellers Association Prize and was shortlisted for numerous other literary prizes, including the IMPAC and Bailey’s. 

Hannah Kent is the co-founder and deputy editor of Australian literary journal Kill Your Darlings, and teaches Creative Writing and English at Flinders University, where she is also completing her PhD.