Carl Hiaasen wins French Environmental Book Prize


June 15, 2011

Carl Hiaasen has been awarded the Prix du Livre Environnment in France for his children’s novel Scat.

The prize, granted by the Foundation Veolia, is awarded to writers and editors who care about issues related to the natural environment. The book, called Panthere in French, was awarded the prize in the Youth or Jeunesse category, and is published in France by Gallimard.

Scat tells the story of Bunny Starch, the most feared biology teacher ever, who is missing. She disappeared after a school field trip to Black Vine Swamp.When the principal tries to tell the students that Mrs. Starch has been called away on a "family emergency," Nick and Marta just don't buy it and instead believe the class delinquent is to blame.

Nick and Marta will have to reckon with an eccentric eco-avenger, a stuffed rat named Chelsea, a wannabe Texas oilman, a singing substitute teacher, and a ticked-off Florida panther before they really begin to see the big picture.

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