Churchill Goes Digital

Sir Winston Churchill

July 30, 2010

The one million page personal archive of Sir Winston Churchill is to be digitised and published in electronic form.

The venture will be managed by Bloomsbury Academic, after years of negotiations held between themselves and the Sir Winston Churchill Archive Trust and Churchill Heritage Ltd in a deal handled by Gordon Wise. In 2012, the entire archive will be published in digital format for libraries and individuals. Scholars, casual readers and school children will all be able to access the largest and most important collection of primary source material of any individual leader of the 20th century.

Nigel Newton, founder and Chief Executive of Bloomsbury said, “The distinguished Churchill Archive is the closest the UK has to a Presidential Library, and its publication online will become a landmark in 20th century historical studies. . . we are delighted to be the digital publishers of such an important collection of papers.”

The archive reflects Churchill’s entire life, from Victorian schoolchild to Edwardian rising political star, to national leader in the Second World War and Cold War elder statesmen, including drafts and notes for his speeches and key correspondence papers.

Sir Martin Gilbert, Churchill biographer remarked, 'The Churchill Papers collection is an Aladdin's Cave of historical riches, which it has been my privilege to explore. I strongly endorse this project, which will enable everyone to have access to Sir Winston Churchill's writings and correspondence. It is a project that will bring the history of the first sixty years of the Twentieth Century, and the remarkable story of Britain's greatest Prime Minister, into the classroom and the home.'

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