Books  |  Feb 12, 2014

Curtis Brown authors write Quick Reads titles

Jeffrey Archer, Emily Barr, Barbara Taylor Bradford and Harriet Evans are among six authors to release new Quick Reads titles for 2014. This coincides with the Publishers’ Association’s ‘Reading for Pleasure’ campaign, launched this week, which aims to increase literacy levels across the UK. With the news that 1 in 6 adults of working age in the UK find reading difficult, the Quick Reads titles are needed as much as ever.

Quick Reads titles use a simpler language and a more linear plot, but still tell gripping stories that capture the reader’s imagination. This year’s titles are Rules for Dating A Romantic Hero by Harriet Evans, Four Warned by Jeffrey Archer, Blackout by Emily Barr and Hidden by Barbara Taylor Bradford

All six Quick Reads titles are now on sale.