Cush Jumbo joins the cast of hit ITV drama Vera

Apr 26, 2012

Cush Jumbo joins the cast of the hit ITV drama Vera, as new regular, DC Bethany Whelan, a single-minded, sparky tomboy, eager to escape from the dark shadow of her family’s criminal past.

Bethany is part of the notorious Whelan family - “there’s a Whelan in every nick in the North”. Focused and driven, she has worked her way up the career ladder, determined to prove to her peers that she will not be following in her family’s footsteps.

This hit ITV Detective drama returns for its second series on ITV 1. Based on the bestselling novels by Ann Cleaves , featuring David Leon and Brenda Blethyn, Vera and her team of officers endeavor to solve some of Newcastle’s most gruesome murders.

Cush’s first episode, Silent Voices, airs on Sunday 29 April at 9:00pm on ITV 1.