CWA Dagger wins for Margaret Murphy and Anthony Summers

Jul 4, 2012

Margaret Murphy and Anthony Summers have both been awarded coveted Daggers at the Crime Writers’ Association Awards Ceremony held at One Birdcage Walk in London on 5 July. Margaret Murphy’s short story The Message has been awarded the CWA Short Story Dagger, while Anthony Summers has won the CWA Dagger for Non-fiction with The Eleventh Day, a book he co-authored with his wife Robbyn Swan.

The Message first appeared in Murder Squad: Best Eaten Cold and Other Stories, and Margaret receives the Dagger jointly with Cath Staincliffe, whose short story Laptop also appears in the collection. The Message is set in 1971, where a young boy with his eye on a Raleigh Chopper commits a mortal sin by stealing a bag from a car belonging to an IRA man. His attempt to make amends leads to unintended consequences. The judges hailed it “a fresh take on the old chestnut of terrorism and religion. A clever mix of innocent thievery and evil intent, with a clever and satisfying twist at the end. Two well-drawn characters both pressurised in different ways.”

Anthony’s success comes thirty-two years after he won the same award for Conspiracy, his acclaimed study of the Kennedy assassination. The Eleventh Day is the definitive account of the 9/11 atrocities. Drawing on unprecedented access to thousands of official documents, fresh interviews and the perspective gained from a decade of research, Summers and Swan explore the planning of the attacks, the devastation of the day itself and its personal, political and social repercussions. The Dagger judges were highly impressed with the ‘penetrating work’ of the authors. The Eleventh Day was also a finalist in the History category of the 2012 Pulitzer Prizes.

Margaret’s next full length novel, Everyone Lies, written in conjunction with Professor Dave Barclay under the pseudonym AD Garrett, will be published by Constable & Robinson in June 2013. The Eleventh Day was published in hardback by Doubleday and will be released as a Corgi paperback on 30 August.