Daniel Mays Leads The Outcasts

Daniel Mays as Cass Cromwell in Outcasts

February 07, 2011

Daniel Mays stars in the BBC's new dystopian drama Outcasts.

Set in an imagined future, Outcasts follows the plight of a group of settlers forced to colonise another planet, Carpathia, when the earth’s resources are depleted.

The group are lead by President Tate and his core team which includes Daniel as Cass Cromwell, a leading security officer charged with maintaining the peace in the new community.

Their aim is to build a better future for the human race in their new environment. However, as they continue to work towards their goal, their attempts are soon challenged by warring factions and mysterious forces which threaten to destroy the new society.

Outcasts begins on 7th February at 9pm on BBC1. The trailer can be viewed here.