Edgar's Special People to open on November 21st

Special People

November 07, 2008

Justin Edgar's feature film, Special People, is to open at cinemas across the UK on 21st November 2008.

Starring Dominic Coleman, Sasha Hardway and David Proud, the film tells the story of Jasper, a film maker on the verge of a nervous breakdown, whose last hopes of making a great cinematic masterpeice lie with a group of disabled teenagers at a run down community centre. Jasper aims to make a truthful film from the young people's own experiences, but his young actors have a different idea about the film they want to make.

This feature length version of Special People was adapted from a hit short written and directed by Justin. The short was screened at over fifty film festivals and was shortlisted for an Oscar and a BAFTA. Among the awards it won were Best Short Film at the Chicago Film Festival 2005, a BBC New Filmmakers Award 2007, a Turner Classic Movies Prize Shorts Award 2005 and a Royal Television Society Award for Best Drama 2006.

"If it wasn't so funny, there would be plenty of uncomfortable moments in Special People...this film delights in confounding expectations." The Guardian