Actors  |  Apr 14, 2013

Emma Lowndes leads the Children of the Sun

Emma Lowndes stars in Maxim Gorky's early 20th Century Russian play Children of The Sun, which Howard Davies directs in a new adaptation by Andrew Upton for the Lyttleton stage at the National Theatre.

Children of the Sun examines a society on the brink of revolution and a group of the emerging middle-class, as they plough forwards determinedly into social, scientific and philosphical advancement.

Emma Lowndes plays Liza, the sister of Protasov, who has immersed himself completely in chemical experiements with the goal of improving the life of mankind, though at the cost of noticing the immediate suffering of those around him. Liza is the only character sensitive to the instability of their privileged world and the misery of those less fortunate than themselves.

Children of the Sun opens at the National Theatre on Tuesday 16th April and more detailed information about performances can be found on the National Theatre website.

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