Five Days starts on BBC One

Nina Sosanya in Five Days

March 01, 2010

Steve Evets and Nina Sosanya star in the second series of Five Days, which airs on five consecutive nights at 9pm on BBC One. The series also features Katie Griffiths, Samantha Robinson, Chris Fountain, Cornell S. John and Kamal Kaan.

A baby is discovered having been abandoned in the toilets of a hospital. A couple of teenage boys are messing around near a railway line as a train approaches. On the train, an off-duty police woman is practising a memory test with her aging Mother on their way to a hospital appointment. These seemingly unrelated people and events eventually collide in this gripping drama, which unfolds nightly till Friday.

Steve plays train driver Pat Dowling who is devastated when a body falls from a bridge, hitting his train, while Nina portrays social worker Colly Trent, who has taken on the case of the abandoned child and, along the way, the child himself.

Elsewhere, Samantha Robinson appears throughout the series as young family liaison officer PC Natalie Cryer and Chris Fountain plays PC Tait; Cornell S. John plays Didi Mputu, the hospital cleaner who discovers the child; Katie Griffiths plays Rowan Porter one of the teenagers on board the halted train and Zaid Munir plays Sohel Hussain. Kamal Kaan makes his television debut in the role of Farid Sarder.

Written by Gwyneth Hughes, episodes 1 to 3 have been directed by Toby Haynes and episodes 4 and 5 by Peter Hoar.

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