Laurence Wilson wins Brian Way Award

Blackberry Trout Face

April 30, 2010

Laurence Wilson has won the TC Brian Way Award for his play Blackberry Troutface. The Theatre Centre's £6,000 award is for the the best new play for young people that has been professionally produced between October 2008 and September 2009. 

The judging panel said of the play: 'This play not only showed great skill and playwriting craft, layering unforgettable images in a truly unpredictable and riveting story, but also hooked us emotionally. The characters were believable, growing and totally lovable. There was sunshine and sparkle in this play and we loved going along Jake, Cameron and Kerrie's journey as they built their bridges and sewed their family together."

Blackberrry Troutface was produced by 20 Stories High, one of Liverpool's most vibrant theatre companies working with young people. Their production toured venues in Liverpool, Manchester and the North West of England in September 2009. 

The play follows three young people, Kerrie, Jake and Cameron, struggling to cope in exceptional circumstances, with sharply drawn characters and plenty of humour.

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