Books  |  Jan 21, 2019

Marian Keyes Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Marian Keyes has been presented with an honorary doctorate from the University of Limerick, alongside Bob Geldof and The Cranberries.

She told reporters at the ceremony: “The Ireland I was brought up in, women were supposed to keep their mouths shut and be good. I am so thrilled to be brave enough to call out what I see is injustice from time to time. I also had the great privilege to do a talk with the creative writing students and they were so incredibly enthusiastic and engaged and political and it made me very hopeful for the Ireland of the future.”

The University of Limerick President Dr Des Fitzgerald said: "The audience were enraptured by her insights into creative writing, Irish Society and the many problems that life throws at us. Marian generously shared her experiences as a writer with our students and the wider public."

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