Michael Brandon appears in Episodes

Jun 28, 2012

Michael Brandon plays Elliot Salad, Head of the TV network, in BBC 2’s sitcom Episodes.


Now in its second series Episodes, starring Matt LeBlanc as himself, is a hilarious comedy series about two British screenwriters Sean and Beverly Lincoln. They are asked to work with US TV producer Merc Lapidus to turn their highly-successful and respected UK sitcom into a broad comedy called Pucks, about a high-school ice hockey team and their coach. Michael plays Merc's boss, Elliot Salad, who flies into LA from New York in order to fire Merc when Pucks fails to find a big enough audience.

Michael can currently be seen at the Palace Theatre in the West End playing RF. Simpson in Singing in the Rain.

Episodes also stars Harry McEntire as regular character Jason.

Michael appears in Episodes on Friday 29 June on BBC2 at 10pm.