Ordinary Thunderstorms picked by Stephen King in Summer Reads

Ordinary Thunderstorms UK cover

July 07, 2010

In Entertainment Weekly,  Stephen King has chosen Ordinary Thunderstorms by William Boyd as his top summer read. As he says below, 'Adam Kindred is an up-and-coming climatologist in London for a job interview. Then he picks up a forgotten briefcase in a restaurant and tries to return it to the owner. Before you can say ''Bad idea, dude,'' he's living on the streets, begging for spare change, and sleeping in an empty lot by the Thames. He's been framed for murder and targeted by an unscrupulous Big Pharma company. Great suspense stuff here, told with flair, compassion, and a high sense of humor. Readers will cheer Adam's survival techniques and never-say-die attitude; I guarantee that you'll think of him every time you see a so-called ''street person'' trolling for spare change or yelling about the end of days. All these books are good, but for me, Boyd's deft combination of suspense and literature makes it the pick of the litter.'

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Ordinary Thunderstorms UK Cover Ordinary Thunderstorms
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