Actors  |  Sep 12, 2019

Osy Ikhile leads in The Feed for Amazon and Virgin

New 10-part dystopian thriller series The Feed includes episodes directed by Misha Manson-Smith and Tinge Krishnan, with writing from Rachel De-Lahay and Tom Moran.

Set in the not-too-distant future the world has become reliant on an Alexa-like technology implanted in peoples brains. The story follows the fortunes of the Hatfield family as the Feed starts to malfunction.

Starring Osy Ikhile as Max, Yohanna Ephrem as Manda, Anneika Rose as Natalie, Carlyss Peer as Martha, Anson Boon as Anton, James Atwell as Bruce and Milo Twomey.

The Feed is available to watch from 9pm on Monday 16th September on Virgin Media.