Comedy  |  Nov 28, 2019

People Just Do Nothing are making a movie

Following the huge popularity of their BAFTA winning BBC Three mockumentary, Kurupt FM have begun filming People Just Do Nothing The Movie - Big in Japan.

The core cast, namely Steve Stamp, Allan Mustafa, Asim Chaudhry, Hugo  Chegwin and Dan Sylvester are all involved in the film, as well as Lily Brazier
and Ruth Bratt.

In the film, the Kurupt FM boys will discover that one of their songs has been used on a popular game show in Japan. So, under the guidance of their manager
Chabuddy G, Grindah, Beats, Steves and Decoy will head out to Tokyo in search
of fame and fortune.

In character, MC Grindah said: 'Japan is the most advanced city in the world so it
makes perfect sense that they would recognise our lyrical talent. We can't wait
to go over there and completely destroy the music scene. In a good way.'

Chabuddy G said, 'selling garage music to Japan is water off a duck's beak mate.'

The film, scheduled to hit cinemas in August next year, is the debut feature for Jack Clough, who directed all five television series of People Just Do Nothing between 2014 and 2018. It marks the first BBC Three series to be developed into a feature film.